Schröder Creative™

Creative & innovative marketing services for your future, today.

We are professionals with extensive experience and knowledge within Graphic Design, Websites and Webshops, Digital Marketing & Advertising and Photography. Of course we also deliver you everything Printed in the highest quality.

We are located in Helsinki, Finland. We provide our services to customers internationally.

schroder creative graphic design responsive mobile accessible
schroder creative graphic design responsive mobile accessible
schroder creative graphic design marketing
Our mission

We want to make sure that you will look more attractive than your competitors!

Our most important target is to increase your customer satisfaction and your visibility by making sure that you both look more attractive and are more accessible than your competitors.

Your company’s brand visibility and accessibility has a huge impact on any customers decision or willingness to either enter in business with you or your company and your products or services easily, instead of choosing the products or services of your competitors.

schroder creative graphic design marketing

The services we provide for You

We create professional, visually stunning and easy-to-use user experiences that help your customers to easily access and seamlessly interact with your service with increased customer satisfaction & added value.

Graphic Design

We provide you all inclusive Marketing & Advertisement services professionally. We fulfill all your marketing needs and wishes. Why hire different companies to do this when you can get all the required services from one place for a fixed and in advance agreed price.

Websites and Webshops

The websites and webshops which we deliver are made professionally. They are very cost efficient in reaching your most important target groups and customers on the internet, on all different devices and platforms.

Digital Marketing
& Advertising

Your visibility and accessibility on the internet are the first and most important reasons why customers choose you and your products and services. If you are not clearly visible and easily accessible, your customers will for sure find your competitors before they find you.


We provide you with professional photography services for your website and other digital marketing purposes. Show the world your business with authentic, high-resolution photos and images of your locations, products, services, customers, team and events or whatever else you want to show to your customers. Naturally we provide photos in print as well.

If you feel interested or excited to make your company look more attractive than your competitors.

Please do not hesitate to contact Schröder Creative™

Our Work & Experience

We have worked on a wide range of projects with companies from various different businesses and industries. Our work has consisted of designing and redesigning everything from complete Brand identities, countless websites and all sorts of digital and printed marketing materials including  Business Cards, Newsletters, Brochures and even Harbor Maps.
In most projects we have also been responsible of photography and photo manipulations, as well as filming, video editing and producing short animations.
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Complete Website & Logo Redesign

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